Stem Cells Across The Curriculum

Making Biology

“We are not students of some subject matter, but students of problems. And problems may cut right across the borders of any subject matter or discipline”

--Popper, K. R. Conjectures and Refutations: The Growth of Scientific Knowledge, 1963.

Who & What

Learn more about the development, implementation, and assessment of a collection of educational resources developed by an interdisciplinary team of scholars, activists, and designers seeking to integrate the biological, ethical, legal, and social dimensions of stem cell research using a social justice framework.

Curriculum & Cases

Explore our interdisciplinary modular curriculum, which is customizable for learning environments ranging from high school to graduate school. Syllabi, curricular modules, slide sets, learning activities, annotated biographies, concept maps, and cases studies are accessible for review.

Infographics & Media

Incorporate infographics, artworks, video, and theatrical productions that highlight trends, cross disciplinary boundaries, and provoke questioning of normative assumptions associated with biomedical research.