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Telling children they are loved, lovable and special – and reinforcing this message every day from the time they are born – instills a core of confidence which will stay with them as they grow.

To help even the youngest child develop and practice the core building blocks of constructive internal dialogue, Sharon Penchina, C.Ht. and Dr. Stuart Hoffman introduce the I AM a Lovable ME! Series. The easy-to-read verse, brimming with vibrant imagery, will help children discover the goodness inside themselves so they can realize their fullest potential.

Remind your child

“Remind your child every evening just how special and loved they are, share these uplifting. “I AM a Lovable Me!” will make a positive..

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Jack Canfield
I cannot begin to express

“I cannot begin to express how wonderful these books are, or how important they are for parents and teachers alike! Raising children…

Deanna Joseph
I love this book! Positive

“I love this book! Positive habit-building beginning at an early age has a dramatic effect on the sub-conscious mind….

Mark Victor Hansen
They certainly are a great

“They certainly are a great tool for devloping a child’s self-esteem and positive attitude along with learning…

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Jack LaLanne
I AM a Lovable ME! is a personal empowerment

“I AM a Lovable ME! is a personal empowerment series for children that provide building blocks in lifting their self esteem…

Jodie Lynn
The message from the I Am A Lovable Me!

“The message from the I Am A Lovable Me! Series of books and products profoundly aligns with what the mission …

Steve Viglione