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  • Easy to Use

  • FDA Approved

  • Safe for teeth and gums

  • No new teeth gaps created

  • 100% Guarantee

  • Made by Orthodontist

  • Non-latex

  • Barely noticeable

Teeth Gap
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Teeth Gap Bands

A Simple Solution to a Simple Problem

For over 10 years Teeth Gap Bands have been proven to be the best alternative for closing gaps without the need for braces.

Teeth Gap Bands can fix teeth gaps in as little as 30 days when used properly. The teeth bands are a safe way to permanently close your gapped teeth without any side effects.

Our customers love Teeth Gap Bands!

I've tried you're product and I absolutely loved it! I love your product and I'm so happy with my new smile!

Proven effective

A diastema is the noticeable space between two teeth. Maybe you’ve had a tooth gap your whole life or maybe you’ve noticed a widening between your teeth. If you’re ready to make your smile whole again, then Teeth Gap Bands are the solution for you. Braces are not only expensive, but cause more pain, and need to be worn over a longer period of time to achieve the same results. Take your dental health into your own hands and get the smile you want today!