Fantasy Home

Eighteen Twelve 2017, I found a love for me.

I’m seeing everything so clearly, I should be your man, show you now like you never seen. Sweeping you off your feet, like there’s no gravity, there is no remedy for me, like insanity tearing me changing me. When I’m with you, it feels just like everything’s right this whole time.

When I am with you, every trouble just disappear.

When I am with you, all loneliness die away.

When I am with you, you shine warm on me.

You give me the world, I’m yours, you are mine.

We have involved a lot gorgeous memory and  unforgettable experience since the night I picked up your hand. We build this site to record brilliant time with each other, even when we look back decades later, I can still joyfully recall such memorable things we have been through.