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Preparing for (until April 2019) and Walking (April and May 2019) the Camino de Santiago de Compostela

Sights from the road

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I had nothing at all to do with planning today’s adventure, but I was a very willing participant.  For the second time in as many weeks, I joined the Bloomington WOW (Women of the Woods) group for their 2nd annual “hot potato hike” at Brown County State Park.  Did we...

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Future posts

Here's a list of posts I want to write when I get some free time. These posts will cover more experiences and thoughts from October: A Family Affair Hazards, Part 2 Solitude? Fairy-Tale Woods

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A family* affair

It is, without a doubt, my Camino.  Slowly but surely, however, everyone is getting on board.  Everyone, of course, means “the family*.”  It’s easy enough for acquaintances to come up with statements such as: “Yes, you must!”  “Do it!”  “Go for it!”  “Do it while you...


That’s a weight off my shoulders

Yes!  Quite literally!  You see, I’ve been walking with a pack since late August.  Two months now.  I began with a pack I borrowed from Eleanor, kind of testing it out.  Finding the brand and the model to my satisfaction, I placed my biggest Camino-related order to...

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It was sometime in June (2018) when I began saying, with conviction, “I’m going to walk the Camino next spring,” but the idea had taken hold of me a good month before that.  The notion was nowhere in my thinking in the early months of the year, but for some reason I...

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Katy Ratcliff

Katy Ratcliff

That’s me in the photo.  (You probably guessed that.)  Midwesterner through and through.  I was born and raised in…. Well, if you care about all that, check out my (in)complete bio here. For now, know that I am spending many hours on wooded trails of several counties adjacent to my home in Bloomington, Indiana as I prepare to head off, on foot, on a 500-mile, centuries-old pilgrimage to Santiago de Compostela in NW Spain come spring of 2019.  “Come with me” as I reflect on my training and then on my experiences as a peregrina (pilgrim).


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