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Homemade Blueberry Jam: Preparing for Winter

Last weekend we spent the long weekend in the Berkshires, in Mt. Washington, Massachusetts, and I took my son baby son blueberry picking at Blueberry Hill Farm, an organic blueberry farm near where we were staying. It was a great way to introduce to him […]

Making a Comfrey Poultice


Having suffered two herniated discs in my lumbar spine, I have been exploring which herbs and other plants can help with pain management and support the healing process. One thing I have been doing recently, now that comfrey is in season, is making poultices from […]

Irish Bread: A Saint Patrick’s Day Tradition


This week, in preparation for Saint Patrick’s Day, I went to visit my mother, Margaret, and we baked an Irish bread, using a recipe that has been handed down through at least six generation of women in our family. We talked about the recipe, how […]


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My friend Sabine recently brought a delicious homemade sourdough bread to my annual Imbolc gathering, and she told me it had taken her several days to make. This got me interested in slow bread baking, so I sat down with her and we talked about […]

Celebrating Imbolc: Anticipating Rebirth and Renewal

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Every year for the past ten years, I have celebrated Imbolc, the midway point between the winter solstice and the spring equinox. At Imbolc, we begin to sense and anticipate the return of the light and the coming rebirth of the earth. As Cait Johnson […]


Using the Menstrual Cycle for Self-Healing

In ashtanga yoga, which is traditionally a six day a week practice, women are recommended to refrain from practicing during the first or heaviest two to three days of their menstrual cycle. These additional days of rest each month are known as Ladies’ Holidays. When […]

Postpartum Healing and Ashtanga Yoga Practice

Postpartum Healing and Ashtanga Yoga Practice

My experience with postpartum ashtanga practice A year ago, after maintaining a daily ashtanga yoga practice throughout my pregnancy, I gave birth to my son. Since that time I have been exploring what it means to maintain a daily ashtanga yoga practice while healing from […]


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Every fall I have a ritual of making homemade applesauce. I like to eat it myself, and also give it as a gift and bring it to fall harvest and Thanksgiving celebrations. This year, it will also make a nourishing fall food for my baby, […]