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We receive from the part supply of PCB to trial production and mass production !
Our mission is to create added value throughout the supply chain by delivering exceptional quality of product and service to our chosen customer partners, reducing total cost and improving flexibility to ensure that you gain competitive advantage.  
Please leave us troublesome part arrangements and inventory management !

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Sun Ching Electronics VN Co.,Ltd(309) 876-2226

• Development & Design:Proposal of PCB designs, process designs, and specific measures for electronic components.
• Prototyping in product design and manufacturing:Integrated manufacturing services from prototyping to mass production, OEM production, and production support for fabless companies.
• Manufacturing processes:Offering solutions for production processes for electrical components, PCB, PCBA and adhesive materials.

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The one of the top flexible packaging manufacturers in VN.
Specializes in producing flexible packaging such as: Rolls, Bags, Confectionery, candy, Tea, coffee, powdered milk, Foodstuffs, Snack cake, Lidding cup film available for low temperature sealing, Detergent, ....
From the point of view of the users, a package of Saigon Trapaco was born in the form of a feeling that it is esier to use, more beautiful and un-defeated content. In the food field, there are various items such as sweets (snacks, chocolates, candies...), retort foods, frozen foods, health foods, agricultural products, beverages ... etc.


Compound extrusion of 2/3 colors forming and 3D forming etc.
Specialized in extrusion by one kind material, 2 kind materials, 3 kind materials and can be 3D extrusion. Also extrusion by simultaneously with hard & soft materials, steel, thread, film, steel wire.

Product line:
1. Extruded product: Auto parts, building material and stationery parts
2. Injection molded product: Auto parts, Home electronics parts, Electric and electronics parts, and Medical parts
3. Our production equipment: Injection machine has 7 units by range of 50 ton to 220 ton. Extrusion machine has 8 units by range of 40 mm to 65 mm screw and can be products with polyvinyl chloride, all kind of thermoplastic resins.
Denka Advanced Materials Vietnam Co.,Ltd (DAV)

Denka Advanced Materials Vietnam Co.,Ltd (DAV)

☆Possibility of chemistry☆ Specialize in various types of adhesive tape, packaging fi
We provide a variety of tapes that contribute to affluent life and better living environment!
We manufacture and distribute adhesive tape \"VINI TAPEⓇ\" used for the automotive wiring (wire harness) and the film \"DENKA THERMO FILMⓇ\" used for transporting electronic components, semiconductor components.



Cutting Edge Cobots From the World’s #1 Collaborative Robot Manufacturer
We’re dedicated to bringing safe, flexible, and easy-to-use 6-axis industrial robotic arms to businesses of every size, all over the world. We develop industrial collaborative robots that automate and streamline repetitive industrial processes. This approach enables production departments to assign staff members to more enjoyable tasks – creating jobs that provide them with new challenges and add value to the company.
(216) 296-6905


Specializing in trading all kinds of machine tools and grinding tools
OSG is a comprehensive tool maker that manufactures and sells mills, drills, rolling tools, etc with competition all over the world So far, we have been engaged in manufacturing various products serving the essential needs of people and building production systems, desks and technical support in 25 countries around the world. In the future, we will continue to grow our business on a global scale and contribute to the development of the world industry.


(334) 253-9609
Our company was established in 1963, specializing in providing all kinds of machine tools,
Old machine tools are complex products that are valued by different conditions not only the machine or the manufacturer, but also the conditions of use, frequency of use , maintenance time. Therefore, when buying and selling with long experience together with careful consideration contributes to calculate the optimal value.

In addition, not only the old types of machinery and equipment, even new plans and the latest machinery, our experienced staff will listen to your requests and from there suggest the direction. Project optimization for customers.
If interested in mcos machine please contact us!

Sun Ching Electronics VN Co.,Ltd

Sun Ching Electronics VN Co.,Ltd

(617) 914-5301
QC service for customer

We had invest equipment, and also bring the fixture manufacturing experience from Taiwan. Now we can taking care of your ICT/FCT Fixture Request.

Products application
• IQC&FQC Check
(412) 716-3855

(806) 592-0153

We design and produce Powder Coating Booth, Liquid/Wet Painting Spray Booth etc
Professional painting technology
PFT company(Paint Finishing Technology & System Co.,Ltd) began operations in Vietnam in 2003 as we found that there is a lack of finishing expertize professional servicing for the growing painting user
Local and Export Market

Our customers are usually involved in manufacturing building construction, steel structural works, building renovation works, aluminum works, wooden works and paint finishing or power coating system to be incorporated into the overall process.


Produce and supply polypropylene prosucts, Sales of packing machine and accessory
Dae Duk Band VN is putting the highest quality and customer satisfaction on the highest priority as well as supplying reliable products Auto pp.band & Strapping machine.
【Our main business】
・Specializes in manufacturing and supplying PP strapping band, PE tying tape.
・Sale of packing machines and spare parts for packaging machines.
・Maintenance for packing machine.


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