No merchandise can be returned.

Elwood knew Chris would come.


I know you want to make me happy.


Culture shock tends to move through four different stages: wonder (or the honeymoon period), frustration, depression and acceptance.

My parents came to see me off at the airport.

I'm not used to that.

Where's the table?

How is your new class?


Tor wished he had a decent job.


Hand me that book.

Give me another nail.

Kevyn's not ready yet.

The thick walls baffle outside noises.

Shirley opened the drawer and took out a pencil.

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Would you tell me how to sillabify the word?

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You'll get a clear picture with this antenna on the roof.

Lynnette has been acting strangely.

The cat likes sleeping.

I've been to Boston twice.

We hear with our ears.

My class was cancelled.

A man who is his own lawyer has a fool for his client.

I advise you to go to Boston with Vickie.

Sergeant doesn't want justice. He wants revenge.

Take this chair to the meeting room.

They have options.

I hope you and Marshall have a good time.

Do you have to work today?

Murray arrived there after dark.

He and his wife had eight children.


Mail your application for admission directly to the school office.

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I do not have much money on hand.

What are we doing for lunch?

You're bossy.

I am tired because I had to study for this exam last night.

Hungarian soups are usually light.


This is the third largest city in Serbia.

One shouldn't wonder about that as that was to be expected.

I looked down at the sea.

I don't want to risk my life.

Snow is white, but soot is black.

He raised his heel against me.

They are pretty.


Don't let her throw her life away.

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Ariel isn't to be trifled with.

I wasn't driving all that fast.

I did what you wanted me to do.

I'll live in Cambodia.

Are you like her?

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I just want to wait for a few more minutes.


The judge declared a mistrial.

I'm going to work with her.

He was taught English by teachers who couldn't really speak the language.

Some people associate sci-fi with the Japanese.

Lions, wolves, elephants, and horses are all animals.

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Is there a place I can smoke?


I guess Johnny was in Boston.


Educators should respect learners' mother tongue.


I'm surprised Mechael didn't notice Murat leave.

"What's wrong about this one?" "It's too perfect."

I have to run away.

Christofer doesn't seem to be interested in sports.

I didn't agree to help him.

He is an energetic politician.

We hope we will make our home full of love and happiness.

That is a lovely doll, isn't it?

Phrenology was very popular in the 19th century, but nowadays most consider it to be nothing more than a curious pseudoscience.

I shouldn't drink.

Turn right at the next intersection.


Hillary has three pens in his pocket.

Donal is fascinated by Japanese anime and manga.

You said you wanted to swim.


I'm the law.

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Can I speak to him?

I want to press charges.

I don't get the meaning of all of this.

He fanned the fire into flame.

I don't want to become like them.

I went there in private.

I broke a glass.

He studied English and afterwards math.

She would have liked to have been born twenty years earlier.


Someone is always there.


They held themselves in high regard.

Torsten finally succumbed after weeks of suffering.

I don't like being cheated.

I have orders.

Can we do this?

I don't like to be away too long.

I didn't even have a chance to talk to Harold.

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You're quite welcome.

She wrung the towel.

Opera in English is, in the main, just about as sensible as baseball in Italian.


I should've done this a long time ago.

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That's a real load off my mind.

Franklin didn't seem be to all that busy.

We're being set up.

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I don't want to listen to you complain.

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That's really important for me.

Everything will have to go.

You said you'd wait till Jinny came.

Any input would be appreciated!

I had trouble deciding which brand of dog food to feed my dog.

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Let's get those supplies loaded on the truck.

There's no use crying and complaining. Try to be content with what you have.

Thank you in advance for your help.

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Claire works in a supermarket.

You're going to need better shoes.

I can't believe I said such horrible things to you. I'm sorry.

If you don't want to go there, then we won't go there.

Vincent couldn't understand why Bob frowned at him.

This is an unusual request.

You hurt them.

How can we fail?

I need a chance to get even.

They abandoned their country.

What's your point?


Carlo's unarmed.

The post office is a good five kilometers away from here.

A white lily is very beautiful to look at.

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You look kind of down.


The car is waiting in front of the gate.

One day, it happened that I passed his house.

Do you think that will be useful?

It is plain that he is wrong.

Her cousin lives in America.

I have good news for you.

I didn't eat anything yesterday.


I run a lot as a method for the Olympics.

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Ole is unable to work this week.

But in other countries there is a problem of poverty.

I can't see what you mean.

Are you a baseball fan?

The lecturer had interesting slides to show.

Smokers are as aware as anybody else of the disadvantages of their hobby, but manage to live with that knowledge for two main reasons.

The show is on Wednesday.

Nanda isn't buying bread.

He traveled all over the world.

Raphael never seems to enjoy being with us.

Mwa said it wasn't him who broke the window.

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I have to speak to Evelyn in French. It's the only language he knows.


The Cabinet conference was all but over then.

Have a good trip!

Let's drink coffee while we talk.

Shane hates air travel.

He is my brother's friend.

Vladimir put everything back where it belonged.

This news made me happy.

Would you please turn on the TV?

We can't sue.

He ran too fast for me to keep up with him.

Why is this important?

There is every promise of the boy's release.

Once upon a time, in a land not very different to yours lived a beautiful young woman named Belle.

She is loved by everyone.

Larry is not so sure.

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I've done everything I can do.


This tree is tall.


Rudolph reminds me of a boy I used to know.

Sorry, but I have to hurry. I have no time to explain this in detail.

Later, his shop becomes a club with young dancers.