Welcome to IPFC


 24 March

Senior & Young Artist

 25 March

Junior & Intermediate

Block C, UCSI University
Kuala Lumpur


 6 June 2018

Senior Category: 8.30am onwards

Junior Category: 12pm onwards

Intermediate Category: 2.40pm onwards

 7 June 2018

Young Artist Category: 8.30am onwards

Block G, UCSI University
Kuala Lumpur


9 June 2018

Senior Category: 9am onwards

Junior Category: 12.15pm onwards

Intermediate Category: 2.30pm onwards

10 June 2018

Young Artist Category: 9am onwards

Prize Giving Ceremony & Winner Concert: 3pm - 5pm

Block G, UCSI University
Kuala Lumpur

Our Objective

We aim to raise the musical standards within the country and region by providing opportunities for young musicians to perform in public and grow in their performing experience. The contestants will also receive constructive feedback from the adjudication panel of wellestablished international and local pianists. We aspire to promote music appreciation and engage the performers, parents, teachers and students through recitals, master classes, and lectures.


Welcome to UCSI University’s International Piano Festival and Competition 2018 (IPFC). Launched in 2014, the IPFC is designed to be a catalyst that advances music education, not only in Malaysia, but in the region. IPFC has received overwhelming support over the years and I’m happy to note that we have broken the participation record yet again with 130 contestants from 11 nations.This sets the stage for a dynamic meeting of minds and contestants can expand their network as they mingle with their fellow enthusiasts.

We hope that all participants will benefit immensely from IPFC as they prepare, compete and receive constructive feedback from the judges. This experience will build their character and prepare them for the many challenges in real life as they mature and take their place as the next generation of leaders in all fields, not just in music.

In many ways, IPFC is a microcosm of the rapid growth at UCSI and its Institute of Music. Spurred by a stellar 28-year track record in music, UCSI was recognised...

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