Getting Started

Choosing Your Internet Services Provider, Registering Your Domain Name, and gathering web site content are just some of the beginning steps for putting your business on the web. You can choose to handle any or all of these tasks yourself, or let your web developer handle them for you. Whatever your choice, the better informed you are about the process the better off you'll be. Browse through our getting started guide section to get a heads up on what you will need to do to have a successful launch of your new e-business.

Building Success

If you build it, they will come... Does your current web site needs a face lift? Or you have a great looking site, that isn't converting traffic into sales?(Or getting any traffic!) Just like your brick and mortar business, cost effective advertising is an integral part of any successful internet venture. (530) 558-7451, (Search Engine Marketing), web copy writing,paid ad placement, link exchanges and cross marketing are all important facets of your internet advertising strategy.

Achieving Your Goals

Your needs could be as simple as electronic brochure, that can complement your current advertising, and better inform your customers. Or you may want explore how e-commerce can enable you to expand and sell your services and products outside of your geographical area. A breakdown in communication between clients, salespeople, vendors or potential customers may be hampering your organization's success, and you would like to harness the power of the web to enhance communication and build community. Whether you are getting onto the web for the first time, large firm or small home business, Choyce Design can help your business achieve your business or organizational goals on the web. Browse our unenviedsection to find our how we can help.