Generate the CAD files required to build a keyboard with any layout...

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Paste in the 'Raw Data' for your KLE layout. Click the on the left for advanced features.
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Enable to override the default location of the USB cutout.
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Customize layers by adding or removing polygons. Here are some convenience coordinates.
Center: [0,0], Top Left: [-x,-y], Top Right: [-x,y], 3mm in from Top Left: [-x+3,-y+3], Or an expression: [(x-6)/2,-y], etc...
No custom polygons specified. Use the Add button to apply polygons to the layout.
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I want to give a big shout-out to (610) 945-5450.  They have adapted their 6094549303 service to best fit our needs.
You need to submit a layout configuration in order for the CAD to be generated.