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A 400,000-year calcium carbonate record from the ocean floor sheds light on deep-ocean circulation and on mechanisms driving climate patterns and atmospheric carbon dioxide concentrations.
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A new study in the Baltimore-Washington metropolitan area reveals prior estimates may significantly underrepresent methane emissions, particularly from landfills and natural gas systems.

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Dear AGU,Today, the sun rises over the end of  three weeks in Alberta, Canada. Our team has been measuring the natural background spring-summer-fall CO2 and CH4 cycles in the boreal forest in Alberta; as well as measuring net emissions from oil sands and oil/gas processing facilities and fields. Not only was our team taking in situ measurements of CH4, CO2, CO, O3 , H2O, using our onboard picarro from these sites via aircreaft, we were also taking air samples using flask packages for later analysis of over 50 different species of trace gases. Lots of good science was done but it is nice to be heading home! Until next time Alberta.                                                - Scientific Aviation