How it works


1: Consultation

Our academic advisor will schedule an in-person meeting or video call with you to understand your interests, needs and ideal mentor profile.


2: Matching

Based on the consultation, we will match you to one or a few mentors and let you decide who you want to learn from.

online class

3: Online class

We will take care of class scheduling and provide you with training on using our online classroom. The online classroom is a sophisticated platform that makes learning just as good as face-to-face.

Bespoke Mentors

Our mentors are student leaders or graduates selected from each of the top U.S. universities.

Mentor display Picture
Michael J.
Stanford University ‘16
Molecular Biology
Weightlifting, Investing
Mentor display Picture
Harvard University ‘15
Energy and the Environment
Wushu (Chinese Martial Arts), Hiking
Mentor display Picture
George Washington U ‘17
Psychology, Anthropology
Event Planning, Philanthropy, Politics

Bespoke Packages

Our mentors are offering targeted help with your school list, application essays, and interviews.
You will get help directly from someone who has successfully applied to your target schools!

Bespoke Resources

Our resources are created by our mentors to help you navigate through the seemingly daunting college application process, and to share other tips and experiences helpful in your studies.


Jennifer P, Yale


"Meeting my mentors Lauren and Jennifer every week not only allows them to understand my weaknesses better, it also creates a stronger bond. Since the mentors have all taken the test before, they can offer valuable advice and strategies. They also went through in detail every mistake I made in my practice tests. In the short span of two months, my score has already been boosted by two points."

Hugo C (CIS, Year 11)

Sheena Q, Columbia

AP European History

"Sheena was really able to help me understand the different themes and complicated historical events, by comparing and contrasting different historical characters, artistic movements, and time periods. What helped me most were her notes and her analysis and correction of my DBQ. After 3 classes, I was able to write a near perfect DBQ (according to my teacher's grading)."

Charmaine F (HKIS, Grade 10)

Billy H, Dartmouth

Public Speaking, College Application

"Throughout these months, Billy has not only taught me tips and strategies on the SAT and TOEFL, he also taught me some tips he would use himself on speaking. He guides me through difficulties I face in any topics, including questions about college application, American politics and so on. I would say that not only I am taught by a great teacher and mentor, but also I have made a great friend."

Benjamin C (Mingdao High School, Grade 10)

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