Africa's leader in Augmented Reality, Eye/Facial tracking, 
Facial Recognition and Virtual Reality.

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What we do?

In an ever evolving world, the key to success is to stay focused.
This is why we have 4 key areas in which we excel.

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Augmented Reality

A digial overlay that takes place by using any camera via image recognition, geo-location to mention a few, but the significance of the range and quality of content that can be overlaid is limitless.


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Eyeball & Facial Tracking

Brands finally have the opportunity to see their work in the eyes of the consumer, through connecting with your audience, measuring your advertisement’s level of exposure as well as the nature of it.


Facial Recognition

We’ve seen it alive in superspy and sci-fi films, but Facial Recognition and its many uses which range from security to socially geared activations are closer than you’d think.


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Virtual Reality

This is a technology which will change the way that we experience the world beyond games and will have the greatest impact in the leisure, travel, entertainment and education sectors.


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