Why an underground Bunker or Shelter?
The central theme to all catastrophic and epic life-threatening events is to find shelter underground. Throughout history mankind has understood that the earth itself can provide the best shelter for most catastrophes. "Bunker of Steel" builds underground shelters for individuals and Families that are hoping for the best and preparing for the worse. In the event of an earthquake, tsunami, tornado, solar flares, polar shift, super volcano eruption, pandemic or asteroids our underground bunkers are engineered and built to withstand nature's most extreme catastrophes. In addition to what nature has to throw at us, let's not forget manmade disasters including nuclear explosions, a reactor melt down, EMP blast, biological or chemical disasters, terrorism or widespread anarchy. Regardless of the threat... "Bunker of Steel" shelters are designed to preserve mankind one Family at a time in a comfortable safe environment.
Who are we?
"Bunker of Steel" is a Family owned and operated business that has earned the reputation of building one of the safest, strongest and most comfortable underground shelters available to the public... without the high price tag. These underground shelters are commonly referred to as "Bunkers".

Out team of engineers have spent countless hours designing shelters that will meet the challenges of protecting your Family under the most extreme conditions. Because of our simple and efficient designs and quality, robust materials, we feel our bunkers are the best value of any underground shelter available. For the protection and safety of your Family, we offer an underground shelter / bunker in four standard sizes along with a list of options to meet your individual needs. For those that want more... "Bunker of Steel" can custom design, engineer, build and install a bunker or shelter to meet the most demanding requirements, limited only to your creativity, preferences and budget.

Simply put: Whether you have a custom build in mind or your content with one of our economical standard sizes... "Bunker of Steel" shelters are engineered and built to protect your Family in a clean safe environment, from a host of catastrophes and dangers.
Bunker FACTS!
"Bunker of Steel" never uses fiberglass, thin sheet metal or round corrugated piping. We build all our bunkers with flat 3/16" plate steel and 2"x2"x3/16" steel beams. We are not aware of any other bunker company that meets this standard. Our custom hatches/doors are robust and secure. All our bunkers are primed and sealed both outside for all weather conditions and inside for wear and safety for generations to come. All our bunkers include a main entrance hatch with a robust locking door, the required air exchange system to safely supply your specified number of occupants with fresh air and an emergency escape hatch.
Answering the following Questions will help in determining the best Bunker for your Family.
1. Total number of people that have or may be invited into your bunker?
This will help you in choosing your bunker size, options for comfort and convenience along with the necessary food water and supplies to sustain life. Additionally, "Bunker of Steel" will help you in choosing the necessary "air exchange system".
2. Type of disaster or potential danger you're most concerned about protecting your Family from?
We never know for certain what dangers we may face... however, we do know that certain disasters or dangers are more prevalent than others based on geography, climate and proximity to large populations. Understanding the potential dangers your Family may face will help in determining what options you may need, the burial depth of your bunker and the correct air supply or filtration system needed along with food, water and medical supplies.
3. Based on your disaster/danger concerns... how long could you potentially need, or want, to remain underground? (hours)(days)(weeks)(months) or (years)?
Understanding how long you may potentially need to remain in your bunker will assist you in making wise choices pertaining to supplies and amenities for your physical and mental health.
4. Elderly, Infants or Handicap needs?
An important part of your preparation is to consider the needs of infants or those with disabilities or dependencies on medications. Including but not limited to the size of your bunker, special bedding, furniture, sanitation, ease of access/entrance and the necessary food and water to satisfy the dietary and comfort needs of all occupants.
5. Location of your bunker?
Every location is unique. Your desired location may require special equipment for safe installation, soil preparation or seasonal/weather considerations. Additionally, you do not want unwelcome guests to know anything about what you are doing. Confidentiality and secrecy is paramount.
6. Desired time frame for purchase and delivery/installation?
Based on your bunker size and options, there is a 3-5 week build time, plus freight time. To minimize your exposure to unwelcome guests or curious neighbors... you may need to consider the time of year, day of the week and even the hour of the day. Having the hole dug and ready to go before your bunker arrives will allow for a quick and covert installation.
7. Do you want "Bunker of Steel" to deliver and install/bury your bunker or do you want to make arrangements for freight and installation?
"Bunker of Steel" will deliver and bury your bunker or we can provide you with freight recommendations and installation instructions for those that want to reduce their costs and maximize confidentiality by doing it themselves.
Based on your bunker size and number of occupants, "Bunker of Steel" will help you assess an "air exchange system" that will meet the needs of your shelter. Your needed "air exchange system" will be determined by the size of your bunker and the number of occupants, along with any requested options for filtration from biological, chemical or nuclear contaminants.
Standard Bunker sizes and prices:
(Height x Width x Length)
8'x8'x10' $15,995
8'x8'x20' $25,995
8'x8'x30' $36,995
8'x8'x40' $46,995
All Bunkers come with two 4" diameter schedule 40 steel air pipes, a main entrance hatch (28"x34") with a robust locking hatch door. In addition to the main entrance, all bunkers come with an emergency exit to ensure egress in the event the main entrance becomes inaccessible.
Depending on how deep you want your bunker buried, the following hatch depths with wall mounted ladders are available:
2" hatch depth w/ladder = 2" above top of bunker. $  0.00 (Included)
12" hatch depth w/ladder = 12" above top of bunker. $125.00  
36" hatch depth w/ladder = 36" above top of bunker. $375.00  
60" hatch depth w/ladder = 60" above top of bunker. $625.00  
96" hatch depth w/ladder = 96" above top of bunker. $995.00  
If you would prefer a standard stairwell entrance (74"x28") verses a vertical hatch entrance with a ladder, the following stairwell options are available:
90" stairwell = 2" above top of bunker. $2,600
100" stairwell = 12" above top of bunker. $2,800
120" stairwell = 32" above top of bunker. $3,200
150" stairwell = 62" above top of bunker. $3,800
190" stairwell = 102" above top of bunker. $4,600
Power Plant: $8,000 - $15,000
This option would include a Generator (gas or diesel) with a fuel tank, AGM batteries, AC/DC inverter and a Charge Controller. The system would provide power from battery storage and the generator would be used to recharge the batteries as needed. The "power plant" option includes DC LED lighting throughout the bunker and 120 volt AC outlets. The "Power Plant" generator, batteries and inverter are securely installed inside the bunker separated from living quarters with all the necessary venting and sound attenuation. With this "Power Plant" you can enjoy modern comforts like a microwave oven, toaster, griddle, TV's and DVD players, stereos, computers, heaters, a seamless "air exchange system" that will provide you with a continues supply of fresh air, etc.
(Because of the space requirement, we do not recommend this option with a 10' bunker)
Premium Shelter Ventilation: $$$
There are a number of ventilation systems available for shelters of all sizes and number of occupants. "Bunker of Steel" has chosen "ANDAIR", a system that has been tested and proven in some of the most extreme environments. The ANDAIR has been the premier air filter system in some of the most hardened underground bunkers in the world. Our most popular model has been the VA-150 which comes with an air pump, hose clamps and the GF 150 Gas Filter. In peacetime, the system bypasses the gas filter and delivers 177 cubic feet per minute (cfm). With the gas filter connected, the recommended rate is 88 cfm to allow for complete scrubbing of the outside air. All ANDAIR systems are capable of both electric and manual operation and are hardened against the effects of a nuclear EMP.
Toilet: $125.00
Following years of experience, "Bunker of Steel" recommends a simple non-flushing toilet that uses NO chemicals and has NO moving parts that can break or will need cleaning. This simple containment system (toilet) provides a sturdy and comfortable seat for both children and adults. This toilet requires 5 gallon heavy duty plastic garbage bags that can be purchased at any department store. The bag securely fits inside the toilet bowl and can be removed and sealed up for safe odor free storage. We recommend sprinkling a small amount of kiddy litter after each use to increase the number of uses per bag. This has proven to be a functional, economical, reliable and sanitary method.
Beds, Furniture and cabinetry:
Because our bunker floors and walls are flat (Not a round pipe or tank like a lot of bunkers) most clients choose to furnish and decorate their own bunker. However, "Bunker of Steel" will install furniture, cabinetry and bedding per your instruction. For a free quote, please provide us with details on what you may want us to install.
"Bunker of Steel" will install custom shelving. All our shelving is built from 3/16" plate steel and welded to the interior walls of your bunker. All custom shelving is painted along with the interior of the bunker. Custom shelves are permanent and extremely strong. For a free quote, please provide us with the dimensions and desired placement of your shelving.
Multiple Bunkers
Multiple bunkers can be combined to create a single underground compound for a large number of people/families for an extended period of time.
Contact us
After you have chosen a bunker size with your choice of a hatch or stairwell, along with any options you're interested in, please fill out the following email form and one of our representatives will review your information, answer any questions you may have and provide a written quote. By filling out this form, there is absolutely NO obligation. We are happy to answer your questions and help you in whatever way we can. Additionally, ALL your questions and ALL your personal information is considered confidential and will NEVER be shared.
To help us better serve you and assess your needs, please provide us with as much information as you can.
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Bunker of Steel Team
Terms and Conditions
After consulting with one of our partners and determining the size of your bunker/s, hatch entrance and/or stairwell entrance, “air exchange system” and any desired options, "Bunker of Steel" will create and email you an invoice for your review. Upon your approval, you will sign this invoice and send it back to us with a 50% down payment. After we have received a signed copy of your invoice and your down payment, "Bunker of Steel" will immediately commence the construction of your bunker. Once the construction has begun, the down payment becomes non-refundable. Depending on the complexity of your bunker, build time will take between 6-8 weeks. 7 days before your bunker is complete, "Bunker of Steel" will notify you. At which time you will be required to pay the balance (50%) before we ship or deliver your bunker.
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