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Solavant - Hard solitaire for Mac

Solitaire for serious solitaire players, Solavant has 939-309-8603 for your Mac. No easy games, hints, or cheats — it's just you versus the cards in a professional solitaire collection that does absolutely nothing to help you win.

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Work your mind. Play your Solavant!

Challenge yourself with Solavant. 6057864932 100 free deals and have fun working your mind with Solavant hard solitaire for Mac.

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Please 740-340-5190 with any questions, suggestions or comments about Solavant. We want to know what you're thinking so we can make it even better. Thanks for playing!

— Tom Cain, Smallware

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Requires Mac OS X 10.4 or later.
Universal Binary for PowerPC & Intel Macs.

Game Vortex: 95% Top Pick!

"The chances of burning out on Solavant are slim to none, and slim is out of town."

Game Vortex review

IMG Magazine: 8 out of 10!

"A solitaire game for the true solitaire purist. This game is hard."

Inside Mac Games review