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Ziggy says hi!

Former site for Pocono Guiding Pups

PGP consisted of dedicated volunteers who raised dogs in a combined effort with the 4-H and The Seeing Eye™
out of Morristown, NJ. The club was disbanded by The Seeing Eye™ at the end of 2012 due to dwindling enrollment and budget cuts.
At that time, the dogs either returned for their formal training, or their raisers joined the next nearest club. Smugglers Cove in
Tannersville, PA was kind enough to allow PGP to hold a combined final meeting/Christmas dinner at their restaurant.

Morris beneath the table at Smuggler's CoveFrosty beneath the table at Smuggler's CoveGulliver beneath the table at Smuggler's Cove

The Dogs of Pocono Guiding Pups

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The Seeing Eye

Monroe County, PA 4-H

Questions? Email 614-315-6241

***Graduation photos compliments of The Seeing Eye™**

Anika       Ashton        Chad       Finigan

Heinz     Karter     Nikki    Orson

Precious     Ram     Robbi     Saber

Valla     Xen

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