• Garage Door Service Mercer Island
    We install your garage
    doors with ease
    Garage door Service Mercer Island requests you to call on their online image gallery
    for viewing their vast selection of domestic, business, industrial
    and agrarian garage door choices and accompaniments, while also being able
    to view door and window styles, types, designs and hues.
  • Garage Door Repair Mercer Island
    Garage Doors
    Getting a new, perfect, long-lasting garage door symbolizes a big decision since you will perhaps
    spend a lot of money on it and therefore want to make sure you get something you will
    not regret later. Mercer Island Garage Doors offer you their services. Not only can you
    choose from our plethora of choices but can also design your own garage door
    and make important decisions on door and window style, hardware, versions,
    dimensions, model designs, shades and auxiliaries if you do not find the perfect door.
  • Mercer Island Garage Door Service
    We Service Garage Doors
    Rely on our experts at Mercer Island Garage Doors to repair your ravaged garage door.
    Irrespective of whether your door is off its tracks or
    jammed opener, we know how to fix it right on time for you.
Garage Door Service in Mercer Island: (206) 317-7793

Garage Door Service Mercer Island


Bring to life your dream garage door by coming to our store and exploring our wide selection in materials and styles for garage doors.

Garage Door Mercer Island, WA

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Let our technicians at Mercer Island Garage Doors install the latest and most up to date garage door opener for your gate be it chain, belt or shaft driven openers, or remote or wireless access control systems.

Garage Door Service Mercer Island


Avail of our 24/7 garage door repair service available for all of Mercer Island region. We are just a call away if you have any problem with your garage door, the rails, opener, remote or access control system.

Mercer Island Garage Doors

Looking for expert, timely and affordable garage door services in Mercer Island? Ring our specialists at Mercer Island Garage Doors and get a free quote for your new garage doors, compensation, overhaul or connection. The most qualified individuals are our technicians who will service, repair or install a new garage door system in fleeting time. Visit our store or check our website to find out more about our garage door models, patterns, provisions, garage door openers, rail systems, remotes and our specialized systems for business or industrial locations. Your security, privacy and comfort is pivotal to you and us, so we make sure you feel safe and guarded from anything with our highly automated and reliable garage doors. Mercer Island garage doors has the latest mechanized garage door opener systems, as well as the paramount security solutions for your garage, and the most fashionable styles and materials. We put only the most experienced experts at your service.

Be it changing your door styles, or replacing your rail system, here at Mercer Island Garage Doors we can replace any existing door, remotes or frayed cables, repair the springs, provide new remotes, or put doors back on track.

Mercer Island Garage Doors provides you with a full assistant program that goes from the consultation and valuation of your specific requirements to producing and recurring maintenance of your garage doors. We satisfy even the most urgent and challenging requirements and this has been a trademark to our company. We can do everything for customer satisfaction.

We at Mercer Island Garage Doors are manufacturers thereby enabling you to take a reasoned decision from our extensive range of products in accordance with your financial and property requirements.

We provide complete warranty over all of our services and products assuring you a complete free-of-charge repair in case of any problem you encounter after we successfully install your new garage door.

Our garage doors are the best because we only deal with the most well-known garage door manufacturers in the country. In quality and style, we have an extensive range of wooden doors that offer that classic look and patterns most people crave. Yet if its weight and resistance you are looking for, it’s our steel or aluminum doors that give you vast tractability and are lightweight enough to have small and useful garage door openers.

Complying with the minimum insulation standards recommended for most homes, we have doors that have thermal resistance and insulation. While installing the garage doors, our specialists can go and inspect your residence or commerce venue giving you a complete feedback with detailed information about comprehensive closure and insulation needs, available materials, opener system, installation costs, and preventive services. Make enlightened decisions and save money when buying your next garage door.

Garage Door Service in Mercer Island

Who we are

If you do not want to wait for your garage door opener to be fine-tuned or get used to a new door, we the Mercer Island Garage Doors experts are the people for you. Well versed in all kinds of garage door technologies we want to make Mercer Island a better and safer place to live.


Working with the latest materials in the market, we can install chic and beautiful wooden doors, sturdy and lighter steel doors, or even aluminum and fiber doors for those of you who like modern and lighter materials.


Trust us to fit your doors with insulation substances guaranteeing maximum thermal containment in your garage.


Be it chain or belt driven, we offer all kinds of openers for your garage doors that are quiet yet tough to lift even the heaviest of garage doors. That’s not all. We can also install power supplies so you can open the door even when there is no power.

Affordable Service

Pay only for what you install and install only what you need.

Reliable Services

We are known for our punctuality and finishing the work in record time.

Professional Services

Our experts are totally qualified for the job.

Clients Testimonials

  • Robert Glaeser

    My family and I are very happy with Mercer Island Garage Doors. They not only installed our new shaft garage door opener in no time but also performed a superb job and it was so inexpensive!

  • Myrem Dempsey

    I thought installing a garage door would take forever, but Mercer Island Garage Doors specialists did the job in less than what I expected.

  • Dexter Armstrong

    My garage door opener was very old. I thought I had to replace it, but the Mercer Island Garage Doors guys came and fixed it in a fraction of a second. I’m so happy with their professionalism and reliability.

Our Basic Services

Offering all the requisite services for your personal and professional needs, experts at Mercer Island Garage Doors strive to maintain the highest standards of professionalism and working ethics so you do not have to call twice about the same job. Here are our three main domains:

Garage Door Repair Mercer Island


Just tell us your requirements, specify the material, style and system, and let us install garage doors that comprehend with your needs.

Mercer Island Garage Door Repair

Garage Door Repair Service

Keep your peace of mind, money and time while we keep a track of your scheduled garage door services preventing damage.

Mercer Island, WA Mercer Island Garage Door

Garage Door Repair Mercer Island

We are known for our timely and efficient service. So do not wait till your garage door breaks. We repair everything from openers and broken springs to off track doors. We get our tools with us, as well as replacement parts in case they are needed.

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