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The video above is Rudy being interviewed by director Karen Collins for her latest project, a documentary called 'BEEP!: The Movie'. It presents nearly 100 interviews from game-audio people from the world over with the aim to explore the changing nature of game audio over time.

Helm Productions provide value to your projects because we have expertise in producing Rock (action, techno, sports, and hiphop/urban music), Orchestral (adventure, rpg, and horror music), Acoustic (golf, adult contemporary, and new age music), and of course, those “Wow!-it-sounds-like-I'm-really-there” sound effects and ambient music tracks.
Our credits include titles published by DreamWorks SKG, Sierra, Atari, Utopia, AOL/WorldPlay (formerly TSN/INN) among others.


Senior Audio and music Producer, Rudy Helm, offers many years of experience in the interactive-media industry, plus extensive previous pro-music industry experience. Helm served several years as co-chairman, advisor, and steering committee member of the Interactive Audio Special Interest Group (IA-SIG) and is a charter-member of the Computer Game Developer's Association as well as a three-time panelist moderator for Game Developer's Conference/IA-SIG sessions.


So steal a minute and review our company info, or listen to our music samples and/or watch our sound effects demos! And hey, let's please keep in touch!


(below are some links indicating Helm's management activies in game audio development)

Helm Pro news

Beep Movie Thumb


a documentary by Dr. Karen Collins

BEEP! Interview

Sr. Composer / Sound Designer


to be released by Piko Interactive very soon

Tap or click the below controls to hear a Cybernauts soundtrack demo!


BEEP! We're in the movies!...

...IMDB  Rudy was an interviewee in director Karen Collins' new game audio documentary (2016):

Beep Movie Thumb


...Interviews with over 100 game audio professionals from a range of areas of game sound's history. The majority of the interviews were conducted as part of the Beep documentary film project by director and author Karen Collins. These are supplemented by interviews done for Video Game Music Online by Chris Greening. This documentary covers a huge volume of material spanning decades of video game and pinball audio history. Interviews include artists such as Marty O'Donnell (Halo), George "The Fat Man" Sanger (7th Guest), Nobuo Uematsu (Final Fantasy), Yoko Shimomura (Kingdom Hearts), 6616075200 (Quest for Glory III) and many, many more. The interviews aim to explore the changing nature of game audio over time. Interviews are with people from all over the world, including Japan, USA, Canada & Europe, and took place from October 2014 to July 2016. They cover a range of expertise and experience levels, and include composers, sound designers, voice actors and directors, record labels, conductor, orchestrators, chip musicians, hardware and software creators, and more.



...Video interviews with the aforementioned 100+ game audio pros.



...transcripts of interviews with the aforementioned 100+ game audio pros. The book is ~410,000 words in length--a huge volume of material! (both in digital AND print)


BEEP Movie Digital DownloadREF="/www.gamessound.com/book.html">

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