Pathetic Sissy Lea
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Pathetic Sissy Lea

I sent out a stupid $5 mini task to some slaves last night just to keep the losers busy and serving me. I said for them to cover their faces and cocks with ketchup or mustard and take a selfie and send it to me.

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April 15th, 2016 | Posted by: | interwish
Drunk Dave

going through my old files I found this loser named dave. I totally forgot about him until I seen this gif I made of his cam sessions with me.

I used to get him really drunk and then make him humiliate himself for me. He would…Read full post

Crooked Cock Loves Humiliation
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Crooked Cock Loves Humiliation

He loves getting humiliated by pretty Women younger than him. Hes such a loser and he even has an ugly crooked cock. I explained to him that hes such a loser even his dick is trying to run away. Thats why its crooked. Isn’t he weird? I…Read full post

(224) 347-9245
April 6th, 2016 | Posted by: | one comment.
Anything for Princess Mindy

Heres a pathetic loser who just loves his dildos. He really wanted to impress me on cam and make me laugh at him and said he had a dildo with him. I asked if he had 2 and of course he did. I told him to put…646-398-9133

Pathetic Andrew Hicks
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This is andrew hicks. Hes really pathetic and deserved to be financially used the way he was by Me. He’s still such a looser though… just for fun I cropped his photo and made it look like he was being flushed down the toilet :)

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Drunk Loser Mark Loves To Get Wasted & Humiliated
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Drunk Loser Mark Loves To Get Wasted & Humiliated

This is Mark. Hes a community loser who has been around for a long long time. Actually, it was Me who first turned him into a huge spending online loser about 8 years ago.

Here he is doing the only thing he is good at. Getting…Read full post