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Worldwide Delivery
Now you can order large and small deliveries all
over the world.
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Express delivery from hand to hand
Our company also provides express courier service,
we can deliver small packages up to 5 Lbs from 2 hours.
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We ensure the quickest and the cheapest possible
way of your goods shipping and also take the
responsibility for their safety during transportation
and storage time.

From Ideas

Online shopping has already become one of the most convenient forms of purchasing different goods. Getting a fast and cheap shipping problem is one of the most often problems the buyers are faced with. Built-in Drag&Drop Page Builder and awesome Options Panel will save your time as never before.

To Solutions

We provide a big range of forwarding services including Mail & Package Forwarding and eBay goods shipping. We can assist you in getting your correspondence and packages to our U.S. warehouses.


Our main service is forwarding mail and packages of our customer’s from U.S. There are quite a lot of companies in the U.S. and Europe offering paid package forwarding service. Imagine that you’d like to purchase some item which is not possible to be sent to the country of your living as it’s just the rules of the online shop you buy it from. Here we are to help you! United Shippers & Control will provide you with a valid address in appropriate country which will fit the rules of that online shop, so you could use it to order the wished goods. Our company will help you to get all items to our warehouse in case if you want to make a few purchases from various online shops and sending every item with a separate package becomes financially unprofitable. All your purchases will be accumulated on that warehouse and gathered in one package to be delivered to your place with a specified method of shipment.

Packages that come to our warehouses are kept in special rooms that meet all international standards and rules of storage. Our company also has a customer support service which is to relieve you of all current procedures by undertaking the customs clearance procedures, implementing the safety and ensuring the on-time delivery of all purchased goods.

Our services also include conducting all necessary negotiations with online stores and eBay sellers. Our duties are helping customers bidding lots on eBay, buying goods at the most possible low prices and advising the best shipping method, i.e., we can provide advising services telling the customer when it’ll be better to send the goods as a single package and when it’ll be better to separate them as they go in nomenclature. All these things are done in order to save the client’s transport expenses and time.

The only thing a Buyer should do is order the available goods from any online shop or internet auction. Every other care will be taken to our jurisdiction. Any details you are interested in can be determined from our managers.