Did you see my uncle?


She stamped the mud off her shoes.

You don't have to carry your baggage.

You have to study Japanese harder.

Learning languages comes easy to him.

The public became outraged.

I knew it would make him happy.

Open up a tab for her.

Lorenzo is in a mental institution.

Terms like "sexism" are now in vogue.

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She got the money from him even though he said that he wouldn't give it to her.

Nothing beats a good laugh.

Frank Whittle, a British pilot, designed and patented the first turbo jet engine in 1930.


I stayed at home instead of going out.


Plastic was a delicate child.

I can't blame you for that.

She is a high-liver.

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Israel is saving up to buy a house.

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Be at the station at 11 o'clock sharp.

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What is a space elevator?

Lucius has been taken to a nearby hospital.

Dan is a friend from school.

Do you want to go grab a hot dog or something?

Masanao left his keys in the ignition.

It was extraordinary that he did not come.

I want to marry you.


Alvin pondered the question for a while.


Everything like this can seem very laughable in the West. However, in the East it caused battles lasting a century.

They decided to enter the room.

Sanche, there's a bee on your head!

We're sort of busy here.

Tell me how to solve the problem.

Do I look fat?

Sridhar wants to buy a drone.

I'll probably swim a lot next summer.

I have a picture of the airport.

He has just come back.

I'm smarter than him.

Hugh asked me to stay.

I guess I've gotten lazy.

I'm not sure how I got a shilling in my change from the cashier.

It's not gold.


Marek opened his wallet and pulled out his driver's license.

Working hard or hardly working?

Does anyone know where you can buy birthday party invitations?

Cut us some slack.

That boy doesn't eat.

Jeanette drinks six cups of coffee a day.

I do not feel sad.


What would happen if two powerful nations with different languages - such as United States and China - would agree upon the experimental teaching of Esperanto in elementary schools?

I'll stay at home with my grandparents this weekend.

She refreshed her memory with the photo.

Nothing would make me happier.

The women achieved their goal.

I don't like this tie. Show me another one.

Have you already booked our seats on a plane?

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This is where I brought my girlfriend on our first date.


Don't rely on what he says.

This is my third time to come here.

I thought you'd be more helpful.

How was abroad?

She's short, but fat.

The intruder lunged at Naim with a knife.

Suddenly Jim pulled the car up in front of the bank.

They were suddenly aware of a noise in the back of the room.

There are daisies around the steel building.

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We sailed in a boat on the river.


Ethnic minorities struggle against prejudice, poverty and so on.

That's a question that only Panacea can answer.

Kevan is teaching me how to swim.


They're firing at us.


One can always find time.

It's a tempting offer, but I have other plans.

We are charmed by your individuality.

You don't look Japanese.

There are beautiful flowers here and there in the garden.

When I asked the college student if he regularly attended his school, he was at a loss for an answer.

Jacob says he doesn't want to live like this anymore.

I am firmly opposed to this.

Eileen made a wise decision.

Can you tell me why Jianyun is in Boston?

Giovanni loves Jeannie and she loves him.


He was going to school.

Gulf nations are constantly menaced by war.

Day by day, the Allies pushed the Germans back.

Denis calmly reloaded his pistol.

Jack made sure nobody could see him before he opened the envelope.


I have worked for one company where the payroll was snatched on a dark winter's night.

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Louise and Jamie exchanged glances.

I have a horse.

We're always careful.

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This situation requires nice handling.

There's not enough space here for 40 people.

The old man asked me the time.

And thus he failed the exam.

Charles is as thick as a plank.

"I can't figure this out." "That makes two of us."

I didn't buy anything at that store.

Do you know how to use this kind of chain saw?

Magnus shovelled the snow off the roof after the snowstorm.


They used tools similar to those used there.

Don't send that letter.

We will start at 6 a.m. on August 20.

I didn't even have time to paint!

He was a quiet fellow and came from a good family.

Why should Lin return?

Kirk believes that there is a time and a place for everything.

The sign '&' stands for 'and'.

Cheap meat doesn't make good soup.

He blew on his fingers to make them warm.

When I was your age, I had a girlfriend.

We could buy a nice house with our winnings.

Having failed twice, William didn't want to try again.


The ball slightly curved.

The pharmaceutical company raised the price of a lifesaving drug overnight.

A brother is like a shoulder.

She had a passionate interest in music.

Let's get out for a while to take a walk.


The example doesn't fall into any type stated above.

I was sworn to secrecy.

Did you eat all your vegetables?

Will you and Randy join us?

Would you follow me?


I'll be home in a little while.


I don't speak the language well, but I can understand most of what the native speakers say.

He wanted to meet you.

I don't have the slightest intention of retiring.

It is my belief that sincerity will be rewarded in the end.

My eyeballs are quite red and itchy.

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I've been expecting her.

I'm seeing her again on Monday.

They're disposable.

We live in a cottage.

Pim kept on talking even though Courtney had fallen asleep.

What kind of logic is this: if it is not yours, it must be mine?

Don't blame yourself.


You're clearly busy.

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Whoso diggeth a pit shall fall therein: and he that rolleth a stone, it will return upon him.

Who told you where my office was?

Don't you want to help?


Have at you!

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My car is the only one that didn't run out of gas.

Are we going far?

You may rely on my coming in time.

There is no choice in this matter.

His lackadaisical attitude to studying explains his poor grades.


How did Casper manage to lose so much weight so quickly?

Sandy happened to sit next to Susumu at the concert last night.

I'm going to throw them out.


No students were absent.

Get a life, man.

This table is wonky.


Union soldiers watched as they marched away.

This pen has run dry.

Where can I leave my bicycle?


I would never get any work done then and my ass would be fat.


You should not stay up too late.

He knocked my books off my desk.

That's more than enough.

The students receive a 15,000 euro scholarship for their return trip and daily expenses.

I really appreciate everything you've done for us.

Their business came to a standstill for want of money.

At last, we were home!