About Me

I'm a 23 year old from the United Kingdom, I've been programming (primarily around the ArmA 3 modding scene) for 8+ years and working with Unreal Engine since mid 2017.

Despite the limited time I've had working in Unreal, my previous years of experience with modding existing titles proved invaluable and played a role in what made the transition into the industry easy with that in mind, I have learnt my way around the engine very quickly.
Available for hire.

I'm readily available to assist you on your projects, I've years worth of experience, specializing with designing back-end gameplay mechanics and features both in multiplayer and standalone scenarios.

I'm very flexible on employment terms, part time or need more involved? No problem, we can setup an arrangement that works for both parties. You can contact me using the details listed at the bottom of this page.

Programming Languages.


Whilst I specicialize in Unreal Engine 4's C++ implementation, I have experience with other languages in order to broaden the capabilities of what I can acheive.

An example of my usages for other languages in conjunction with Unreal Engine is using Node.js to develop a custom implementation of a master server used for player authentication and the manageering of available/online game servers.

On another one of my freelance/contracting works I went on to develop the same (although more feature comprehensive) system in C# .NET Core instead and unlocked more potential for features such as multi-threadding and MySQL interaction to store user persistent data such as player stats.

Source Control.


I've 7-8 years experience working under source control for both personal and professional projects.

Primarily working with Git in my early development years for simple code based projects but SVN has quickly taken over as my main daily driver due to game development mostly consisting of binary type assets that're handled much better natively in SVN.


Below is a list of current and previous projects/works I have been involved with.
The Forsaken Survivors

Position: Founder/Lead Developer.
Status: Semi-Active

The Forsaken Survivors (or TFS for short), is a gaming community I started in early 2011, we specialized in DayZ Mod and ArmA 3 game servers till late 2017 but we had ran many other highly modified servers in the time we were active.

Breaking Point

Position: Former Gameplay Programmer.
Status: Active

Breaking Point is the Unreal Engine 4 successor to the zombie survival modification for ArmA 3.

Our Ghosts of War

Position: Former Gameplay Programmer.
Status: Unknown

Our Ghosts of War is a up-and-coming World War 2 Survival game being developed in Unreal Engine 4.


Position: Former Lead Programmer.
Status: Unknown

Afterwards is a stylized, multiplayer, zombie survival game being developed in Unreal Engine 4.


Position: Lead Programmer.
Status: Active

GearHeads is a destruction derby/street racing game being developed in Unreal Engine 4. It features american muscle cars with custom handling implementations.

Fatality Mod

Position: Project Manager/Lead Programmer.
Status: Inactive

Fatality Mod was a post-apocalyptic, zombie survival, total conversion modification for the game ArmA 3.


Here's some examples of my work.
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