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Assassin’s Creed Odyssey Poster

Assassin’s Creed Odyssey has been officially unveiled at the E3 and finally we get to dig into Greek Mythology, as the game is set in 431 BCE. The story take place in fictional history of Peloponnesian War in ancient Greece which showcases the war between Athens and Spartans. As always the historical setting of latest instalment in the series looked pretty cool. The game also looked pretty neat at the demo shown during the Ubisoft E3 conference.


Alexios (male) and Kassandra (female) are the two playable characters introduced in AC Odyssey, we have to choose anyone character among the both. The main Protagonist is the mercernary and a descendent of Spartan King Leonidas.

The character progression in the game uses Skill Tree system which includes ‘Hunter’ as it emphasis on character’s archery skills, ‘Warrior’ focuses on combat skills and ‘Assassin’ as it improves the stealth skill of the character.

Kassandra (left) and Alexios (right) Source : IGN


Assassin’s Creed series have merely adopted some RPG elements in AC Origins, while the traditions continues to grow further with this instalment.

AC Odyssey is complete RPG game now with more Witcher like combat style and stealth options. Ubisoft have confirmed the game will have even more traditional RPG elements than its previous game.

As a RPG game the choice you make will influence entire story line and world around you. Every character you meet in the game will be affected by your choice and relations you make in it.

Gameplay captured during cutscenes. Source: IGN

What’s New ?

Get ready to fight like a sparta and influence the course of war in your own way. Build relationships and have sex, yeah ! you heard it right. For the first time in history of the franchise we can build relationship and have sex, it’s totally up to you.

Game takes place before the story line origins which means before the whole creed was form. So now you must be wondering is this really an Assassin’s Creed game if there’s no Assassins or the Creed in it, well the whole story links to the Leonidas’s Spear which is basically the Piece of Eden from the first civilisation.

Spear of Leonidas. Source:Ubisoft

**Spoiler Alert**

The modern day story line will continue with Layla Hassan who was previously introduced in AC Origins with William Miles escorting her to Alexandria.

William Miles and Layla Hassan. Source : USgamer

Here’s my personal view about AC Odyssey.

I think the historical setting is pretty cool and game looked pretty neat. Whereas both Kassandra and Alexios looked like a standard AC protagonist to me. Combat was basically Hack and slash just like other RPG’s and Kicks in combat don’t look real at all.

As the Franchise is taking a fresh approach towards the series by turning the game from action adventure to action role playing, Choices which we take in the game which are supposed to influence the story line seemed pointless to me.

Choices to make during the cutscenes. Source:TrustedReviews

I think they might show the origins of Templar Order and how it all kickstarted the whole Templar vs Assassins fight which goes on for centuries.

There will be no hidden blade in the game so thats a little bit disappointment to many fans including me, but considering the historical setting it makes perfect sense.

The game is asthetically pleasing to look and Sparta will add some good character in the game resulting in colourful storyline.

Watch the Trailer here:


Assassin’s Creed Odyssey is set to release on 5th October 2018 for PS4, Xbox One and PC. Pre-orders are now available in Ubisoft store.