He brooded over the mistake he made.

We can do nothing.

Atomic energy can be used for peaceful ends.

I hate it when this happens.

I'd be happy to join you.

We act without fear or favor.


His lack of technical knowledge precluded him from promotion.

I think we'll make it in time if we don't get stuck in a traffic jam.

Corsairfly is an airline based in Paris.

I think that it's good and bad that throughout my life I will not be able to forget that event.

Although no one admits it, Paula is a great cook.

Graham works as a sailing instructor.

What will happen if there's power failure now?

I don't like him either.

Saturdays are sacred.


I wonder what it is like to travel through space.

Those gloom and doom economists aren't worth their salt.

What crimes have you committed?


It was me who told Erick to do that.

We'll be ready.

Marilyn is the kind of guy lots of people just don't like.


Janet thought his sheep were infected with foot-and-mouth disease.


Don't let Gil eat dessert until he's eaten his vegetables.

Randal is being naughty, isn't he?

Just have him call me, OK?


I help nobody.

Try solving the problem.

I need help putting stamps on these envelopes.

The pasty was delicious.

Television enables us to know what is happening today.

I'm horrified.

I am hungry because I did not have breakfast.

If you're not too busy, could you help me?

Now musicians include issues such as human rights and environmental pollution.


He didn't give me his real name.

Thomas jumped up, as if his friend were a ghost.

I certainly am going to miss Boston.

She first came into contact with Japanese culture last year.

Come soon or there won't be any food left.

I'm here to show you your worst nightmare.

They were very happy together.


Now is not the time for half measures: it's all or nothing!


He seems to have finished his work.

The only one who knows where Pamela is hiding is Josh.

She was admitted to the bar.

We'll chat some more during intermission.

We must go and see him.

Do you mind if I sit next to you?

When a danger threatens us, we look up to God. If the danger ceases, we forget about God.

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Margaret doesn't have to worry anymore.

I must leave now.

I've been sentenced to death.

I'm fine, thanks.

I'm glad to be of some help to you.

Who was the man you were sitting next to?

That was totally uncalled for.


How come you're so busy?

Those two aren't similar. they're the same.

I knew you'd be mad at me.

George is brave.

It's time to establish the religion of love.

I can help you with this.

Grandpa is not glad to be ninety-six.


Everyone knew about it.


In those days, I was still a student.

We aren't afraid of death.

This is my handbag.


Salt was a rare and costly commodity in ancient times.

He is being very kind today.

Trevor reached for the coffee pot.

Al wears a modified fishing vest to hold all his harmonicas when he performs on stage.

I walk.

Nobody can translate his sentences because they are quite difficult.

A good book is the best of friends, the same today and forever.

Takayuki isn't going to break up with you.

Point this pencil for me.

I'll meet Lenora there.

That's over now.

With this I close the discussion.

I asked where she lived.

He ruled his kingdom fairly.

She was beautiful in her time.

Your comment is not relevant to the matter.

I owe what I am to your assistance.

Tell me Sharon's email address.

"We need to help Kyrgyzstan," said Putin to Hu Jintao... in my dream.


I fried the fish after marinating it.


What else did Eileen say about me?

It is five years to a day since I came here.

That's convenient, isn't it?

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Nathaniel felt betrayed.

Climate change effects on agriculture will have consequences for food security, both in the U.S. and globally, through changes in crop yields and food prices and effects on food processing, storage, transportation, and retailing.

Joy will not last forever.

The children trampled on the grass and the guard scolded them.

Why did you marry Spencer?

The Millennium Development Goals were supposed to be achieved by 2015.

They both work.

I fell in love with the charming female engineer.

I think he should have apologized to the teacher.

It's way too crowded in here. Let's go somewhere else.

I'm fine, thanks!

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Have you paid the electric bill?

Don't call 911! You have to call 112.

You can weigh your baggage in this balance.

A clipper ship running before the wind with all her canvas spread is a sight to behold.

The train will remain at this station for approximately 2 minutes.

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Without the random mutation of genes there would be no evolution.

Edmond forgot to file his taxes.

Chancellor Merkel said that all Syrian migrants would be allowed to come to Germany and apply for asylum.

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We have to find them.

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Are you saying that because you're afraid?

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Kill that bear with a rifle.

My bag was here five minutes ago, but it is gone now.

I'm sure Amir wouldn't agree.

I do that sometimes.

Adam refused to go to the hospital.

Jackson agreed to be at the dinner.

How can I cancel my wedding?

He delegated his authority to his competent assistant.

I don't think I'll make it.


What's your favorite slogan?


I don't even think about money anymore.


She's upset right now.

Yvonne, there's something you need to know.

She was always complaining about her husband.

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It was perfect timing.

Every cock crows on his own dunghill.

Juha called.

"I slept in and missed my scheduled interview. I feel like such a nincompoop."

People who don't have a computer can't make full use of this MP3 player function.

I drink coffee instead of milk.

Your work is making watches.

That would be interesting.

Hurry up, or you will be late.

You should never look down upon a man merely because he is poor.

I love the way Sanand laughs.


This is the first time I've ever done this.

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I don't know what I'm going to do about this.

I never called them back.

You'll never get ahead in this place unless you go through the proper channels.

Could we have a table in the non-smoking section?

Klaus sat on the curb.

There are no classes in August.

Corporate bankruptcies continued at a high level last month.


Leonard inherited all of his father's property.

Some people compare life to a story.

You'll end up in the hospital.


You're doing all right.

Are you feeling better now?

I am required to wear a suit and tie to work.

School begins tomorrow.

Masanao sat on the bench smoking.

Now I feel guilty.

I caused him a lot of trouble.

Everyone screamed.

Let's try to solve the riddle.

She is a blonde girl.

When Wilmer stopped for a stop sign, his engine stalled.


He came down with a cold and had to be away from work.

Where do we go after this?

Erick appears to be in pain.

His eyes are wet with tears.

I have a bad squint.

Ladies and gentlemen, we are now ready to begin the voir dire.

What is tastier when freezer-burned?

Takayuki definitely knows that he shouldn't be doing that.

You can always count on him.

If I'd wanted to go, I would've said so.

Nobody is going to stop me.