You must get rid of that bad habit.

They captured Rome in June of 1944.


You don't have to say that.

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It is absurd trying to persuade him.

It's difficult choosing between what's right and what's wrong, but you have to make the choice.

I thought Nathan was home asleep.

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My name is omitted from the list.

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We are to take an exam tomorrow.

There were lots of bundles, but they weren't thousand-dollar bills.

She has no choice.

I can see that disturbs you.

Billy is a plastic surgeon.

I sang a song.

This boy never lies.


She's a good kisser.

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I've never had problems like that.

Spy has been out of work for three months.

They're looking for you.

There's no going back.

Is it fifth period?

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The sugar is all gone.


"Manpower" is the world's largest temp agency.

We have so many things left to do.

Have you found Judith?

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I can talk to him for hours.

Her argument was not based on facts.

Thanks for bringing me here.

What do you like to eat?

Do you need a visa to go to Australia?

Her friends protected her.

He flew to Chicago, where he happened to see a friend.

At any rate, I'll go to college after graduating from high school.

Saqib is not as healthy as he used to be.

Bret finished the work by himself.

That was incredible.

Sorrel missed it.

The smoke vanished with the wind.

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The patient was well cared for by the doctor.

Arguments are extremely vulgar, for everyone in good society holds exactly the same opinion.

The one who has rendered a service should hold his tongue; it is up to the one who has received it to speak.


I want to talk to you outside.

David is lying on a large rock.

I usually eat outside.


Revised wondered what Angela had been thinking about.

I also contacted the police.

I think you're the one who caused this to happen.

Could you elaborate on that?

I want to look rich.


Squirrels eat acorns.


Shannon has been learning French for a few years.

I can sense how worried you are.

The car went around the corner on two wheels.

I'm going to work tomorrow.

I'm studying French now.


I left my glasses at home.

Dan has got a surprise for Linda.

Which wine would you recommend?

I wonder why Huashi is so happy.

Do you care to hazard a guess?

This door is opened only from outside.

She acquired the knowledge of English.

Tell her to stop staring at me.

Dave, I want to have a talk with you.

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Great works are perfumed not by strength but by perseverance.


Siping's barely coping with his workload at the moment.

I will explain to him until he understands.

I'm simply doing my job.

Lorenzo is the fastest driver.

The two candidates are struggling for mastery.


Is it more expensive to call in the morning?


The Giants beat the Lions yesterday.

We really need more American slang on Tatoeba, stat!

I just cut my nails.

How old are you? I'm twenty-six.

This box is too heavy for me alone to lift.

We tried to stop Jef.

You know that once you're inside, you'll never be able to get out.

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Hey, don't go away.


We'll always be there for them.

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Jeremy was quite generous.

We know you didn't kill her.

She quickly devised a plan to skip school and go to the party.


I wanted to say thank you for all your help.

I bet he will get mad.

Jack was laughed at by all the boys.

Lucy was brought up by her grandparents.

Nigel went without lunch because he didn't have enough time to eat.

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We studied the Concordance to Shakespeare to accumulate examples of alliteration.

Vic didn't have to do anything.

They know we're cops.


There's room for both of us.

When are you walking home?

My luggage got lost.

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Kids like to play.

Nils is married to my sister.

Are we finished?

He wants to marry me.

That shipment's been very much delayed.

I said don't worry about it.

Bring her a plate of salad.

I have an appointment with him at noon.

I just need you here, OK?

Will you wait for us at the station?

They never did anything.

Ro asked me if I could play the piano.

I want you to know I appreciate all you've done for us.

A young woman came to visit me yesterday.

Her mind is filled with dreams of becoming an actress.


Is that a recent photo?


Why don't you just do as you're told?


Did you finish the assigned readings in the textbook?

I doubt that Takao is guilty.

Kimmo is a trucker.


Naomi said that he needed to get some sleep.

She watched the birds intently and joyfully.

I barely remember anything.


Ramon will understand.

Here's a problem for you.

Did you buy everything we need for our party?


Leave your room tidy.

I know a man you used to work with.

My watch is different than yours.

He plugged in the radio.

Linda wanted Dan to put on a condom.


You need some fresh air.

She was a Christian in life.

Why don't you want to do this?

How old is his sister?

Any flower will do, so long as it is red.

In that case, they fall behind.

Esperantists work for language equality.

I was trying to impress them.

He made a speech on behalf of our company.

The police arrested all those who had participated in the illegal street race.

Hello! Welcome to my aquarium!

Under no circumstances should you repeat this to anyone.

Do you want to bet on that?

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Come here and sit down.

The train runs every thirty minutes.

I sank into unconsciousness.

Please lend me that book.

Lady Canterville often got very little sleep at night, in consequence of the mysterious noises that came from the corridor and the library.

Don't make promises that you can't keep.

Barley is planted in this field.

I've been helping them out.

Do you think I look fat?

This is a small town.

She is kissing him.

Did you just make that up?

He is concerned about his parent's health.


There is something else over here I want you to see.

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I'm going to call my daughter.

Why do ya trash people?

She is thinking of suing as a last resort.

Nicolo doesn't like women who wear way too much make up.

Tell Hazel to come to my office right away.


Did you speak with her?

Cristina is going to be flattered.

Thank you, dear.

She had to kill herself.

I'm just another man.

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Rajendra left the party at 2:30 a.m.