Innovative Products for Urban Farming and Controlled Horticulture

The neoFarmers mission is to offer you quality products, accessible and responsive to the needs and practices of emerging trends in urban farming and controlled horticulture. We believe that the use of new technologies combined with new horticultural practices offers new opportunities to individuals who wish to produce their own food.

To put forward our vision, will soon be offering to you products for controlled horticulture and urban agriculture bearing our brand developed with the help of our partners. These products will be designed taking into account the constraints of modern life to ease your gardening while improving your crops.



The latest technologies in artificial lighting make it possible to ensure tailored and optimal photoperiodic requirements.

Climate Control

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The climate control is essential to maintain healthy plants: management of the temperature, relative humidity, CO2 level and all equipment involved in these processes.

Irrigation and Plant Containers

The intake of water as well as oxygen at the root system, are vital to ensure healthy plant growth.



A living soil with rich microbial life allows plants to develop normally and make the most of the nutrients naturally present in the soil.


iGS-110 - Integrated Controller for Temperature and Humidity

iGS-110 - Integrated Controller for Temperature and Humidity

Ideal controller for accurate coordination of temperature and relative humidity adjusting equipment T..

USD 310.00