TMRC Impact



Behavior can be described - but not explained in rational terms.

Feelings can be explained - and are frequently lied about.

Emotions are raw and truthful - and they drive perceptions, choices and behavior.


We extract people's INTERNAL SYNTAX - their own narratives shaped by personal history,

tribal and cultural influences - to pinpoint

subconscious emotions & motivations.


We observe and question their EXTERNAL PARADIGMS: behavior, choices,

and the metaphors and other semiotics that find manifestation in their lives.


We connect the dots via Cognitive and Behavioral Psychology, Qualitative Techniques

and versatile, tailored Film Ethnography.


With 20+ years of experience, our processes channel powerful insights into:

+ powerful brand narratives / brand videos
+ positioning & communication workshops
+ communication blueprints with powerful psychological effect


On the creative side, our Chromatics screenwriters produce

insihgts-based, compelling content with emotional impact.