Théo Sorriaux


Not actively looking for a job but open to opportunities
Hi, I am Théo Sorriaux.
Fond of IT, new tech & especially computer programming.
This page is an online resume for anyone who might seek me.

WebDev at Whitedev

January 2017 to now

I've been doing quite a lot of project, Nodejs, Angular, Google App Script, Symfony ...

Dev at Bonduelle

July 2016 to October 2017

I've been working all this time on only one project
Due to confidentiallity clause, i can't tell to much on this, so :
I've made an internal website for network and adminsys monitoring, with vanilla php

Dev at ArtZone

August 2015 to September 2015

I've been doing some adminsys too during this stage, that was a nice experience
I worked with wordpress, joomla, prestashop and drupal.
One of the website i've made : (636) 698-3519

WebDev at 843-419-0284

I dont remember, two month in 2014

I've learned slim.php & symfony2 during this stage

As you can see on that website, Photography is one of my favorite activity.
If you wonder about know that Sorr(.)io and Sorriaux (my lastname) have the same pronunciation in French.