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Turn popular chat apps into your most powerful marketing channels

Modernize Your Marketing Stack

Chatcast’s SaaS-based platform enables you to broadcast news, offers, and media content directly to your fans and followers across the most popular chat apps.

Facebook Messenger

1.3 Billion Users

Twitter Direct Messages

330 Million Users


1 Billion Users


203 Million Users


200 Million Users

Marketing for the Mobile Chat Era

Reach people instantly

Create, target, and send news and updates with rich media to your most loyal fans over all popular Chat apps.

Ensure engagement with instant notifications

Your news never sits lost in an email inbox. With mobile messaging apps, your audience is instantly notified on their mobile device when you broadcast content.

Track engagment in real-time

Within moments of sending out your news update, you can track how everyone is engaging with your messages instantly.

Chatcast's Marketing Impact

Watch your audience engagement rates soar to new levels
Delivery Rates
Open Rates
Click Through Rates

Who needs Chatcast

Chatcast for Retailers and E-Commerce

Your best customers are often disappointed when they miss a sale or a new product release. Cultivate your audience and ensure that your new items get viewed, that your sale sells out, and your press and promotions get shared.

Chatcast for Political Candidates and Causes

In real time, get your constituents involved and on the move. Organizing a rally? Deliver location and timing details hours or minutes before the event.  Let voters know about breaking news.

Organize your fastest fundraising campaign ever by engaging your most passionate supporters.

Chatcast for Sports Teams and Entertainment

Your fans are your lifeblood. Give them what they want – real time score alerts, team events, injury reports, and special VIP offers.

Chatcast for News Organizations and Bloggers

Chatcast is the best way to broadcast real time news as it happens. Let everyone know the second news breaks. Keep their attention with real time alerts to get them back onto your website.

Chatcast for Businesses and Startups

We all get too many emails. Is your company having trouble cutting through the noise and getting opens/reads in the inbox?

Cultivate your strongest supporters with Chatcast by broadcasting important announcements:

  • Press releases
  • New features or product releases
  • Upcoming conferences, gatherings and Meetups

Graduate from 20% open rates to a 90% open rate.

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