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ISUZU Freezer Trucks (also called as Freezer vehicle, Refrigerated trucks, Isuzu Refrigerator Truck, Freezer Truck by walking part of the special purpose vehicle chassis, and heat insulation heat preservation box body (generally consists of polyurethane materials, glass fiber reinforced plastic, color steel plate, stainless steel, etc.), refrigeration unit, temperature recorder in carriage parts, such as vehicles for special requirements, such as hook, hook can be mounted to the flesh, the middle, aluminum alloy guide rail, ventilation slots and other options.

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Vacuum Tank kit for Isuzu sewage tanker trucks shipment by container
Sewage suction tank trucks Isuzu 3,000 L  Waste water trucks Isuzu 4tons  Vacuum Sewage trucks Isuzu New 5000L 

Vacuum Tank Kits





 ISUZU Freezer Trucks      

ISUZU Freezer Trucks

35 CBM

Cesspit Emptier ISUZU


Sewage Pump Truck ISUZU



Japan 4x2 diesel refrigerated truck 10-15ton freezer truck for sale

Freezer Truck ISUZU ELF NQR Refrigerator van truck

isuzu brand Refrigerator Freezer Cooling Box Van trucks for sale    

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van truck ISUZU mini freezer box truck refrigerator car

Refrigerated Truck Isuzu Freezer Trucks

Hot selling refrigerator truck Isuzu freezer trucks for sale, Isuzu refrigerated truck with carrier freezer unit, ice craem delivery truck

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