"Fire!" Jean-Pierre cried.

I feel secure when I invest in stocks but not bonds.

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Jay is really creative, isn't he?

The teacher made him stay after school.

Ann gave me this present.


I would like to live in luxury.

I have not had anything to eat since this morning.

Is Aaron well?

Yumi got up early to listen to the English program.

This is my favorite song on the album.


We'll be back on air shortly.

Make sure you don't ask too many stupid questions.

He's on the train.

It's behind schedule.

The doctors don't know what's wrong with Joseph.

Mistaking cadenza with decadence would be a great mistake.

The others will arrive in a few minutes.

I'm going to miss Mayo so much.

Come off it.

If your tooth hurts, you should see a dentist.

Where he will live doesn't interest us.

I don't consider myself to be a good golfer.

Piercarlo usually keeps appointments.

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Anytime you need a favor, call me.

I can't ask you to do that.

There's not very many customers today.


Why didn't you ask for my help?

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Kate often reads when his children aren't at home.


Stanley is a successful lawyer.

What else do you remember?

Real waited outside in the hallway.

It was a pretty little house, strong and well-built.

Why do you bother?


The market on the promenade sells second-hand clothes and bric-a-brac.

Ernst is on another phone.

She's no spring chicken. She's at least thirty.


A politician should serve society.


That was a big promise you made.

Linda noticed something in the distance.

Such a lifestyle appears rather uninteresting to Americans.

Phil didn't say another word.

He only kissed me once.

I'd love to go to the fair with you.

I wish I could do something.

Elaine knocked tentatively on the door.

I started that.

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Now, tell me what I want to know.

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Barney was worried about what might happen.

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He scratched his arm with the nail.

Ten minutes' walk brought me to the station.

Whoever speaks ill of his wife disgraces himself.

You need to listen to her.

It is a love song.

I've got to head out.

The question is who's going to go first.

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He observed many types of creatures there.

It's been three years since my younger sister got married.

Leora can't afford that kind of computer.

I don't often ask questions.

We are looking forward to seeing you soon.


Call me after you've spoken with Clay.

I didn't know you were here.

He's thoroughly honest.

I don't need any help.

I could lose my job.


I really want to be around you.


He left without so much as saying goodbye.

I do not have any money.

They were serious.

Someone stole my laundry after I left it in the dryer.

The results of Eva's biopsy show that the tumor is benign.


I'm engaged.

I am not in the least concerned about the result.

I won't let Sandra do it.


I thought Scot wouldn't come.

I prefer spring to fall.

I erased one.

"I'll never understand women", said Shaw.

I regret that I have to inform you of the bad news.


Philippe is very aggressive, isn't he?

It was lovely.

You might at least say "thank you."

It's an excellent wine.

Local politicians opposed the enlargement of the European Union.


Whatcha readin'?

I've lost track of who I am.

Can't you see it's bigger than the both of us?

We should do this once a week.

What do you expect me to do?

I'm going to Boston for a conference.

Major skimmed the report.

They told me you were the one who saved my life.

The fans cheered.

Maybe I could have a word with Sorrel.

James is mowing his lawn.

How tall is the Eiffel Tower?

All Shutoku does is watch TV.

Why do I have to work with Maarten?

There were no jobs.

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He passed on quietly at his home last night.

Carol, Eduardo and John have all been invited.

His essay was concise and to the point.


Why will I write a letter to apologize?


What have you ever done for us?

It is a fine day and I feel like going fishing.

The street runs along the river.

I bathe daily.

I think Loren is still around.


It's a vocation.

Send her over.

Something's dawned on me.


Some of them are healthy, but some of them aren't.


Is he afraid of death?

I just stayed quiet.

I still don't feel very well.

Your resume is very impressive.

The workers demanded that they talk with the owner.

Is it a big deal?

Am I supposed to believe that you did the best you could?

You were here earlier, weren't you?

Do you think I'm an idiot that I would fall for such an old trick?

Where can we exchange yen into dollars?

I got one for Christmas.

No correlation was found.

Bring a bucket of apples.

Lars will remain at home.

Toufic wishes he had a larger office.


It's a pity that you don't know that.

Have you ever peed on the street?

There is a man at the gate who wants to see you.

I told Nils to swim a little every day for exercise.

Everyone can see it now.

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Randolph calmly reloaded his pistol.

I can still fight.

Will has lost control of the class.

I will never forget the feeling that came over me when the burglar pointed his pistol at me.

The doctor did what he was supposed to, and the little princess was very quiet.


What would the prince like?

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I thought I'd be fine.

Jeanne lit a candle and went down to the basement.

Yeah, it's no big deal.


What do we have to lose?

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It isn't strange that the number of children decreases, too.


I certainly am going to miss Boston.

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How long would it take us to get there?

She likes music better than anything else.

He explained why the experiment failed.

I missed a step on the stairs and I'm afraid I sprained my ankle.

Don't look away from me.

Don't make noise.

I heard you have a beautiful voice.

She'll almost certainly pass the test.

It seems that she lives in the neighborhood of the school.

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How long has Saify been crying?

I have three weeks left until my departure, and so far I still don't have a visa.

This is really a very strange affair.

Why have I never been told it?

When I first laid eyes on him, I knew he was different.

Pete and Kathryn are arguing.

Stay calm, I will not harm you.

The result of the game is doubtful.

I wish I'd looked at the map.

Lex couldn't tell what the problem was.

Leslie is in love with you.