Turn into leads

Automate your marketing efforts by turning websites or socials profiles into a lead.

Convert a list of websites or socials profiles into leads in minutes

We help you find contact details for your potential customers using their website or social profile as a starting point.

Bulk websites or social profiles to leads

How much time have you lost looking for contact information? Can you trust those selling existing old lead data?

Contact the right person by harnessing our data mining machine. Don't waste time or rely on cheap inaccurate labour to get the job done! Get fresh data everytime.

View a (616) 570-6441.

Real Time API

Powerful API to help you turn websites and social profiles into contact data that your marketing team will love.

Our API searches dozens of data sources on-demand to provide you with the most up-to-date contact data!

The fresh data we provide is yours to keep. You can use it in anyway you see fit.

	"link": "/leadmonkey.io",
	"name": "Lee Evans",
	"email": "hi@leadmonkey.io",
	"location": "UK",
	"twitter": {
		"handle": "leadmonkeyio",
		"followers" : 1
	"roleAddress": true,
	"disposable": false,
	"duration": 300

How can LeadMonkey help me?

Here are three solid ways you can use LeadMonkey to help you find leads and grow

Cold Emailing

Gather a list of websites or social profiles for your potential customers. Once you have this list, put it through LeadMonkey to get emails to use in your own cold email campaigns.

Custom Audience Ads

For the emails you find with LeadMonkey, you can use it to create custom audiences on the Facebook and Google ad platforms. Laser focused targeting for your PPC ads.

Blogger Outreach

Create a list of blogger websites and find their emails using LeadMonkey. Reach out to them to build a relationship and ask for a product review or a linkback.

Free trial. No contract. Cancel when you want.

Early bird lifetime pricing

$ 19 /month
3K domains / social profiles
CSV export
API access
100 free queries
$ 99 /month
20K domains / social profiles
CSV export
API access
100 free queries